Waiting too long for your hospital appointment?

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Waiting too long for your hospital appointment?

What to do if your condition has deteriorated, and you are waiting for a hospital appointment about this.

Unfortunately, due to COVID, hospital waiting times for procedures and appointments have increased significantly.

If you are waiting for a procedure or appointment at the hospital please do not contact the surgery about this, as we do not have access to the hospital appointment or waiting list system.

If your condition has worsened please contact the outpatient department to enquire when your appointment will be. The details of the outpatient department should be on any correspondence that you have received from the hospital.

If you feel that your symptoms are more severe and that the appointment time is too long, then please contact the specialist’s secretary to and ask the specialist secretary to request that the specialist review your referral in light of your new symptoms.  The number and email for the specialist secretary should be on the correspondence which you have received from them.

If you are unable to contact outpatients or the specialist secretary then please contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)

PALS Lincoln                   01522 707071

PALS Boston                  01205 446243

PALS Grantham             01476 464861

ULHT PALS email          [email protected]

PALS  NLAG                     03033 306518

NLAG PALS email          [email protected]

NWAFT PALS                  01733 673405

NWAFT PALS email      [email protected]

If you are concerned that your new symptoms may not be related to your original condition then you should let us know, and we can assess, advise, and manage your new condition.