Survey on COVID-19

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Survey on COVID-19

Survey on COVID-19 – How we looked after ourselves, what worked and what didn’t

Have you changed your day-to-day life to prevent you, or a loved one, from catching the Coronavirus? If so, we would like to know how and if you think your actions worked.

Have you become ill with Coronavirus-like symptoms since the pandemic started? If so, we would like to know the treatments you have tried and if you think they helped.

Have you had a confirmed case of Coronavirus? If so, we would like to know how long you had symptoms for and how you felt/currently feel.

By filling out our survey through the link above, your answers to these questions will be combined with thousands of others from across the UK. Together we can work towards a better understanding of Coronavirus and how to beat it!

Everyone over the age of 16 is eligible to participant in the study and to thank you for your participation between now and March 2021 they are awarding 62 vouchers (ranging from £5 to £500) as prizes to be won.

See the survey for further details.

This survey has been approved by the University of Southampton Faculty of Medicine Research Ethics Committee (reference ERGO 56975) and IRAS (reference 289510). The full study title is: “Retrospective Survey of Prevention, Treatment, Occurrence and Outcomes of Covid-19 in the community (RTO-Covid-19)” it is funded by the National Institute of Health Research.Advert version: 1.9 Date: 16/12/2020