PANORAMIC National COVID-19 Study

We are calling on those eligible to consider coming forward for a world-first trial to find antiviral medicines to treat […]

Monitoring of COVID-19 vaccine safety

Have you recently had your first dose of COVID-19 vaccine or are about to? We would like to invite you […]

Chronic Pain Study

Do you have chronic (longstanding) pain? Volunteers are needed to take part in psychological research which aims to help explain […]

Survey on COVID-19

Survey on COVID-19 – How we looked after ourselves, what worked and what didn’t Have you changed your day-to-day life […]

Improving the Integration of Care for Trans Adults

If anyone who is transgender wishes to help the NHS with a research study into improving care for trans patients […]

Help with COVID-19 research

Do you have 10 minutes to spare? Help #COVID19 researchers in the East Midlands out by taking this quick online […]

Alpha-Stim-D for Depression

We are helping to deliver a research study into a medical device which may be able to help treat moderate […]

Lincolnshire Poacher Study for IBS

We are working with Lincoln County Hospital to deliver the Lincolnshire Poacher Study. This study is looking at a formal […]

RESTED: nonREm Sleep inTervention to improvE Diabetes

The University of Lincoln are inviting patients with Type 2 Diabetes (diet or metformin controlled only) to participate in a […]

GLAD: Genetic Links to Anxiety and Depression

We are supporting the GLAD Study and encourage anyone with depression or anxiety to sign up and join the 40,000 […]