Can you help? BioSURE Study

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Can you help?

We are inviting healthy patients, Aged 12- 80 with no viral infections in the last 14 days to participate in a study to measure if a nasal spray helps in reducing respiratory viral transmission.

We are testing a nasal spray (active or placebo), for subjects to use at least twice daily (6 hours apart).

BioSURE Protective Nasal Spray is not a medicine and has no known side effects. You will need to use the spray for 28 days. The spray is available to buy.

• You may or may not be randomised to receive the active or placebo

• You will need to routinely come in to contact of 5 people or more and be COVID negative to enter the study.

• You must not be allergic to lavender

• You will need to complete a daily diary about your use of the nasal spray and any symptoms.

• You will need to perform a weekly COVID-19 lateral flow test ( Days 0, 7, 14 and 28).

• If you detect a positive COVID test during the study, you will need to come back to clinic for a nasal swab.

This study data will add to the understanding of respiratory viral transmission and may be relevant to the treatment respiratory virus transmission in the future.

Participation involves 2- 3 visits, to train you on the nasal spray use, a possible visit if you had a positive COVID result and final visit to the clinic at the end of the study.

You will receive £100 gift voucher for Amazon as a thank you from the study team.

To find out more please contact us via askmyGP or on 01522 751 717