Coil Use

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Recently there have been some changes to the duration of use for the hormone-containing Intra-uterine Systems (coils). The brands affected are: Mirena, Benilexa and Levosert. These coils can be used for contraception, HRT and treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding.

This is good news for patients because it means that fewer, less frequent changes of the device are necessary. The changes are evidence-based due to these coils having been in use for many years now, so that we have good, long-term, ‘real world’ (rather than research-only) data on their effectiveness and safety. Copper (non-hormone) coils are unaffected by these changes, as are the lower-dose hormone intra-uterine systems Jaydess and Kyleena.

At Nettleham Medical Practice we run a recall system where we invite patients in for removal or replacement of coils at the appropriate date. We will be updating the recall dates in all our patients’ records to reflect the new guidelines, but this will take some time as we have a lot of notes to check! Therefore in the meantime please be advised that the duration of use for these coils is now as follows:

Mirena: 5 years for HRT, 8 years for contraception

Benilexa and Levosert: 5 years for HRT, 6 years for contraception

If you have one of these coils and have any questions or concerns about its use, or about when you need to have it removed or replaced please contact the surgery via AskMyGP and we will check your medical records and advise you accordingly. Otherwise, you will automatically be called in at the appropriate time for your coil’s renewal