Are you interested in helping research to improve accuracy in earlier diagnosis of lung cancer from different imaging types?

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Are you interested in helping research to improveaccuracy in earlier diagnosis of lung cancer fromdifferent imaging types?

We are looking for people who’ve had imaging for suspected lung cancer whether or not
they’ve gone on to be diagnosed, as well as those who’ve been diagnosed and treated.

What is it for?
A group led by the University of Oxford is planning a research study exploring whether
a CT scan can diagnose lung cancer earlier than the chest x-ray currently performed
when lung cancer is suspected. As part of this research, the team is inviting people to
join a patient and public involvement (PPI) advisory group.

What is the purpose of the PPI advisory group?
The group’s purpose is to ensure the experiences and views of those referred for chest
imaging for suspected lung cancer, and those diagnosed with lung cancer, or their family
members/carers are taken into account when planning and delivering this study.

What would PPI advisory group members be expected to do?
PPI Group members will be asked to attend up to 3 workshops, review documents being
designed for study participants, join a study steering committee and help share the final
study results. You can choose to take part in all or some of these activities.

The first workshop is expected to be held in June/July 2023 during the preparation of
the final funding application to the National Institute for Health and Care Research
If funded, the study will start early 2024 and there will be an opportunity to continue
participation in the PPI advisory group at that point.

You will receive payment for any time spent in these activities and travel expenses for
any face to face meetings, although most of the work will be completed remotely.
If you are interested and would like more information please contact the following:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]