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Research Participants required

Researchers from the LOCOMOTION Long COVID study need healthy volunteers to participate in one
of the study’s workstreams.
It will only involve up to 60 minutes across one day, measuring your heart rate and blood pressure at
specific points in the day, and making a note of food/drink you consume and details of activity you
perform in the day.
This part of the study is evaluating the results of the adapted Autonomic Profile (aAP), a home-based
test for the evaluation of autonomic dysfunction, in the asymptomatic healthy population. This will
provide normal data from healthy volunteers for comparisons, and inform usefulness of the aAP as a
predictive test for Long COVID patients. Autonomic dysfunction is common in Long COVID patients,
the nerves of the autonomic nervous system are damaged, affecting heart function, blood pressure,
bladder function, digestion, and sexual function.
To find out more information and to participate, please contact: [email protected]