Booking an Appointment

All GP & Nurse Practitioner requests are now allocated via the AskMyGP website.
Click on the following banner to access AskMyGP

All nursing team appointments can be made by telephone – please ring 01522 751717.

Non-urgent advice:

Please note that the receptionist will ask you what the appointment is for. This is not them being nosy but purely to ensure that they book the appointment with the most appropriate member of the team and for the correct amount of time.

Home Visits

Home visits are for patients that are unable to get to the surgery for medical reasons (lack of transport is not a valid reason for a home visit).

If you need a non-urgent visit please submit a request via AskMyGP preferably before 9.45am.

Please remember that several patients can be seen in the practice in the time that it takes to make one home visit.  There are also better facilities for examining and treating patients at the Medical Practice.

Extended Hours: Weekend and Evening Appointments

Routine appointments are available every weekday evening until 8pm, on Saturday and Sunday mornings and on bank holidays.  This ‘extended hours’ service is being delivered by the Primary Care Network Imp Healthcare, a network of GP practices in the area, therefore if a patient wishes to attend an extended hours appointment, they may need to travel to another local GP practice and may not necessarily see their own GP.

To book an extended hours appointment please speak to our reception team.

Missed Appointments

Patients who don’t attend their appointment, or who cancel too late for us to offer the appointment to somebody else, cause significant amounts of lost clinical time each month, and affect the availability of appointments for everyone else.

If you are unable to attend always cancel your appointment…

  • Call us on 01522 751717
  • Text CANCEL to the number on your reminder text message
  • Visit the practice in person

Thank you!


When you speak to our reception team to book an appointment you may be asked a number of questions.  This is so that our trained Patient Care Advisors can book you in with the most appropriate clinician and for the right amount of time.  Our staff will be able to advise you who can best help you with your concerns, for example they may suggest seeing a Clinical Pharmacist, a Practice Nurse or signpost you to an alternative service provider such as a community pharmacy.  They are also trained to recognise signs of emergencies and may direct you to A&E or to call 999.

Not all medical conditions need to be seen by a doctor, so by following a ‘signposting’ process our staff can direct patients to the most appropriate clinician and ensure they are seen promptly.  This not only benefits the patient’s health but also the system as a whole as it frees up appointments with a doctor for those who really need them.

We also believe that this process will help to increase our patients awareness of how to treat minor conditions and illnesses themselves, as well as increasing their understanding of the local services available to support their health and wellbeing.

Our Patient Care Advisors have received training in active signposting and care navigation, and receive regular updates from our GPs and other clinical staff.  It is very important for patients to understand that they are not being nosy and the information being asked for is very much in their best interests.

All practice staff follow strict confidentiality policies.